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Assisted Human Reproduction

Assisted Human Reproduction is our second priority. VERDYS Law Ukraine offers a full range of legal services, including comprehensive legal support of companies and organizations involved in medical practice in the reproductive medicine.

In our Bureau work (or collaborate as partners) famous experts in the field of reproductive rights, who have practice and huge experience in legal support of programs surrogacy and gamete donation.

We are a founding member of the Association "Ukrainian Foundation of Companies Supporting Assisted Reproductive Technologies".

Many of our experts have many years of practical experience and close contact with foreign law partners. So we can help to make all necessary legal procedures, not only in Ukraine but also abroad, including parents who are foreign nationals. Moreover, the central office of VERDYS Law is located in the Czech Republic (Prague).

We cooperate with lot of legal partners from such counties as USA, UK, Australia, Denmark, Israel, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, so for citizens of these countries we are able to provide legalization (and other procedures) of child in their home country.

Often we get order for such services:

  • determining the optimal model of reproduction implementation of the program, especially transnational programs;
  • development and correction of agreements and contracts between participants of reproductive programs;
  • choosing the best way to legalize rights of potential parents;
  • development and signing information and legal documents;
  • obtaining of necessary medical, registration and other documents;
  • legal support in carrying out DNA tests;
  • help in legalization of documents;
  • legal support at meetings and communication with participants of reproductive programs;
  • partner legal support in registration of child in the country of the child's parents;
  • help in resolving problem situations in the consulates, immigration offices, and law enforcement agencies;
  • pre-trial settlement of conflicts;
  • representation and defence in Law-court genetic parents and surrogate mothers, including the cases of deprivation of surrogate mothers parenting with participation in transnational programs in which they give birth abroad and was recorded as mother and so on.

We are always ready to offer our services to clients not only from Ukraine, but also from other countries.

Learn more about our services in this area, you can in section "Servicesor contact specialists of VERDYS Law Ukraine.