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We continued to work
01 March 2022

Despite the war, the Kyiv office of the ILB VERDYS LAW continues to provide legal assistance and services.

Entertaining Law is a new practice of the Bureau
01 July 2018
New webinar on Сorporate law in the medical business
19 June 2018
The Parliament of Ukraine has finally begun to reform health care
21 April 2016
Cash remittances of foreigners significantly fund the budget of the Czech Republic
22 March 2015

According to the Czech Statistical Office in the year before foreigners living in the Czech Republic, sent home more than $ 20 billion CZK remittances

New powers of Czech notaries
16 March 2015

Starting May 2015 Czech notaries will be able to register companies on their own

Revenues from a foreign tourism increased in the Czech Republic
14 March 2015

Last year revenues from a foreign tourism in the Czech Republic have significantly increased


Rules for employment agencies were toughened
09 March 2015

Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic intends to toughen rules for employment agencies 

The Czech tourism industry needs new workers
05 March 2015

According to Czech Statistical Office, tourism in the Czech Republic remains an area where new workers are needed

Czech Republic became a transit country for money laundering
24 February 2015

Czech Republic became a transit country for money laundering amounting to tens and hundreds millions of korunes by Russian owners of Czech firms to other countries